Cards produced by Navionics in the 2nd Quarter of 2010 or later can be copied to the hard drive.
TIKI will tell you if your card is too old. If so, only an original Navionics Multicard Reader can read your card.

How to copy a  Navionics card to the hard drive
with TIKI Navionics Gold 3.2

You don't need a TIKI license to do this.
You can use the Free Trial, but you MUST leave the copying to TIKI.
Copying the card manually will not work.

Insert your Navionics card into a card reader
If you have a SD card, you can use the SD reader that is built into most computers. If you have a Compact Flash card you need a CF-reader or a multicard reader.

Start TIKI.

First you will be asked to accept the name of the chart - or to type another name.

The latter is recommended if the name is a series of not meaningfull characters/ numbers.

Then, in the Select Chart panel
click once at the chart name under
"Chart in the reader".

More buttons will appear.

DO NOT click the button "Load chart".

In stead you should click on the button "Copy to hard drive".

If no "Copy to harddrive" button appears, you will get a message that the chart is too old and that it needs the original Navionics Multicard Reader.

Confirm that you want to copy the card to the hard drive.

Copying several hundreds MB of data may take a couple of minutes. Be patient.
When the copying is completed, you will get a message that the chart has been copied - and TIKI will shut down.

When TIKI is closed, remove the card. TIKI no longer needs it..
Also make sure that you have Internet connection before you restart TIKI

Start TIKI.
When TIKI tries to load a chart that has not yet been registered, it will automatically connect to a Navionics server that will register this chart on this computer. ( You can register the chart on 3 computers ).

When TIKI loads and displays the chart, the registration is done, and you will no longer need to be connected to Internet.

There is a rare chanse that the registration will fail the first time. If it does, just try again. Close and then restart TIKI.

If you have more than one card, this procedure must be repeated for each card.