TIKI Navigator Pro was released in 2004, and got great receiption for its intuitve, user friendly interface. In just 2 years it became the best selling navigation software in Norway - and got great reviews in international boat magazines like Yachting World, Sailing Today and Cruising World.

TIKI Navigator Pro can only read raster charts, and today TIKI Navionics Gold has taken over its position in Europe because of the popularity of Navionics vector chart. But TIKI Navigator Pro is still the favorite in USA where anyone can download free charts from NOAA for all US coastal waters.

NOOA raster charts, BSB 3 and BSB 4.0 Yes
Nv.digital raster charts Yes
Vector charts No
AIS Support Yes
Autopilot Yes
Log, Wind, Compass, Depth Sounder Yes
Course Up No
Tides and Current No
Digital information in the chart No
Port photos No
Number of chart windows 3
Boat in center Yes
Boat placed for max view ahead Yes
Select the next chart automatically Yes
Zoom directly to the best chart Yes
Wind graphics Yes
Fullscreen mode Yes
Manual chart correction Yes
Boat position,, SOG og COG Yes
Single bearings - Now with time calculation Yes
Serial bearings - Now with time calculation Yes
True or Magnetic bearings Yes
Route administrator Yes
Max number of points in a route 500
Unlimited number of routes Yes
GPX Export/import of route Yes
Course, distanse, time to go -  and ETA at next route point Yes
XTE cross track error from route line Yes
VMG to next route point Yes
Steering Compass Yes
Route table with course, distance, TTG and ETA Yes
Show and save boat track Yes
Show any old track Yes
Dead Reckoning if the GPS fails Yes
Man Over Board navigation Yes
Logbook Yes
Create route from saved tracks Yes
Advanced waypoint manager Yes
Unlimited number of waypoints Yes
Attach JPG pictures to waypoints Yes
Waypoint Search Yes
GPX Export/ import of waypoints Yes
Screen Dimmer for night sailing Yes
Replay of saved tracks Yes
Anchor Watch Yes