''I have tested virtually every
navigation program there is, and TIKI
just knocks the socks off the lot

The intuitive ease with which it works, and the clear, simple displays
and ways of doing things is an object lesson to the rest.

John Mellor, UK

Richard Haycock, Greenview, UK:
"TIKI's user interface is very well thought out. Having tested Chart Navigator I found TIKI Navigator a lot easier to use, especially the input of routes which was totally intuitive. Other things that impressed were the seamless transition between charts, the right click magnifier, the night mode and the split screen displays, so you can work in on detailed charts without loosing the overview."

David Roy, Oregon, USA:
"To put it short... Your Tiki Navigator program is phenomenal! The layout is superb and intuitive. I have tried such programs as The CAP'N, Chart Navigator Pro, Fugawi, Nobeltec, and C-Map and none stand up to the ease-of-use and powerful features of your inexpensive but high quality product!"

Stephen van Scoyoc, Essex, UK:
"Having served ten years in the US Navy and spent thirty years on motorboats I've used a hodge podge of instruments. What your software has done is give us complete integration on a first rate display screen the same ability that Raymarine would get thousands for. Not to mention that a keyboard and mouse beats the socks off of fiddly "soft" buttons and cryptic operating systems. I like your approach to writing the software (sort of a Mac K.I.S.S. approach) and wish you every success."

Garry Fry, Southampton, UK:
"I recently purchased Tiki Navigator Pro, loaded it on my laptop that I take down to our small yacht, connected up the AIS engine via USB and Instruments also via another USB and within a short time it all worked very well, I am greatly impressed."

Kevin Martin, California, USA:
"Fred, you by far are he most helpful person I have come into contact with in the industry. I have been telling all about your TIKI. They have been very impressed (Nobeltec folks are envious) with the features."

Ray Quiachon, Pennsylvania, USA:
"I congratulate you for the most intuitive navigation software in the market. I particularly enjoy its simplicity, a great help to us dummies. The edge is the great and good feeling one experiences using the program and to quote you verbatim, "I hate all kind of software that makes me feel stupid!". Thanks for your personal touch in assisting me."

Herb Ward, Norwalk Ct, USA:
"TIKI is wonderful and has a price / performance ratio unmatched by any other navigation software product I've seen. I love software products that I can use out of the box so to speak, without the usual 20 hour learning curve. Better yet, my wife the computer "newbee" loves to navigate with Tiki."

Kevin Redden, delivery skipper, USA:
"I have just used TIKI Navigator for the first time on an 1,100 mile delivery trip. In the past, I have been a fan of vector instead of raster scan chart plotters. TIKI Navigator Pro is the first raster scan product that I found to work quite well, and I was quite pleased with it. It made lugging the PC along on the trip worthwhile."

Manfred Kurth, Germany:
"One can feel in depth that this program was developed by a skilled and serious leisure mariner. I appreciate most that it is self explanatory and you don't have to ask a thick manual before you come to the grain of the program. After one day, I'm so familiar with TIKI Navigator you could wake me up at 2 am in a tipsy mood and I'm sure I'd be able to navigate with TIKI - really foolproof !"

Glenn Reinhardt, Maryland, USA:
"Just wanted to let you know that I purchased the GPS unit your suggested and it works great. You've been very helpful and TIKI is fantastic -- much easier to use than my Nobeltec software. Thanks again for your "late nite" help."

Walter Gulley, Michigan, USA:
"TIKI Navigator continues to amaze me. It controls my autopilot much better than the big expensive RL80CRC chart plotter does."

Terry Hertel, Union Bay, USA:
"I used Tiki for the first time and wow!! I was in uncharted waters in my brain and Tiki showed me the way. Planning on doing the San Juan's this summers....about 100 miles in the state of Washington near the Canadian boarder, I find that I really cannot be without TIKI."

Mel Willie, USA:
"TIKI is fantastic. It worked like a champion and was just what I needed to restore my confidence after three years of hospitalization. Actually it has been 8 years since I last went underway. The kemo therapy took a lot out of me and its' side effects has seemed to effect my self confidence. Your software worked great and I always knew where I was and where I had to go. Thanks for your personal help because you gave me the tools I needed to get back to boating. Your support was like a friend and like we were members of the same yacht club."

Dale Simpson, Canada:
"What a great program you have developed! Your software is one of the best and worth purchasing, and the service you gave to support it is greatly appreciated!"

Andrew Sansome, UK:
"Firstly congratutations on an excellent piece of software. The Offshore Navigator from Maptech is certainly much less easy to use / intuitive. I have already copied the downloaded TIKI installation file for a number of my sailing friends locally to try."

Bernie, Costa Rica:
"After reading dozens of sailing articles I ran into a link which put me right at your companys home page. Since two days ago when I installed your fantastic TIKI NAVIGATOR I'm spending all day long to get adjusted. I can't tell you how happy I am to play around on my notebook with your program."

Capt. Mick Gurley, Florida, USA:
"Thank you for all your support and advice. TIKI works great with Vista and I didn’t even need to upload drivers. It just worked in seconds. Thank you for your time and phone calls. I never had a software supplier call me to help me set anything up. I will tell all my customers and friends about your program."

Randy Sherwood, Michigan, USA:
"I am truly amazed at this program and my wife who thinks I spend to much time on the PC was amazed also. So it has even won a spot in her heart."

Bryan Greer, Canada:
"This is a really great product!! I would recommend that you show it to the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons as an alternative to what they are offering from your competition."

Lasse Lundell, Sweden:
"Last year I sailed 1500 NM in the Mediterreanean Sea. TIKI was controlling my autoilot most of the time, and I never experienced any problems. Thanks for the easy to use interface and the large databoxes. I have used many navigation programs, but TIKI is now my favorite."

Johan Skantorp, Sweden:
"After my first summer with TIKI I am very satisfied. More important, the rest of my family love it even more, so now I can stay at the helm and leave a lot of the navigation work to them."

Helge Eriksen, Norway:
"TIKI is really a great navigation program. I's so happy and impressed that you have managed to get rid of all the buttons and icons that clutter the screen on other programs."