"This  program has an impressive functionality, is reasonably priced, easy to learn and fun to use. It is also stable and faultless. We have had no problems whatsoever with TIKI Navionics Gold. Installation, licensing, start-up and use went like a dream and we cannot recall having been this satisfied with a navigation product of this type earlier."
                                                                                                         Terje Boelstad, Baatmagasinet

Mad Mariner:

"TIKI Navigator Pro is an innovative charting and navigation program that is intuitive, easy to learn, and includes many great features for the price... Although it does not include vector chart support, weather, tide and current etc., it does the basics and does them well.... Its clean simple interface focuses on features that a real boater needs... and it also continues to add extras such as AIS and BuddyTracking.... TIKI's chart images are also exceptionally sharp—in fact, some of the best looking charts we've seen. Remember these are the same BSB charts used by all applications, so TIKI has put quite a bit of programming work into chart rendering... TIKI Navigator Pro doesn't do everything. But don't let the "cons" deter you from considering what we think is an innovative and truly seaworthy package." Mark and Diana Doyle

Power & MotorYachting:

"Tiki Navigator is a particularly straightforward charting program with a clean, colorful interface. All sorts of help facilities are available but only show when you need them. The program just displays BSB raster charts, but that's the format NOAA makes available for free download, and Tiki presents them clearly and seamlessly. The latest Pro 5.1 version ($148) also does a good job of plotting AIS targets, and introduces an unusual feature called Buddy Tracking. If your friends (and you) have always-on cellular data connections, Tiki Navigator Pro along with GpsGate can plot them whether they're 50 miles down the ICW or on the other side of the ocean." Ben Ellison

Sailing Today, Full Review:

"Whether at sea, navigating a route, or at anchor planning one, we have found Tiki to be a pretty easy program to use. It’s designed to be intuitive and, once you’ve found where the apparently absent menus are, it is very user friendly indeed. These operating menus lurk unseen at the edges of the screen and pop out at you when you mouse over them. TIKI Navigator Pro is a program I will go on using and will watch with interest as it develops. The latest version (5.0) with AIS should prove very good indeed." Colin Jarman ."

Cruising World:

"Norwegian sailor and programmer Fred Jenssen wrote the TIKI Navigator Pro software, and it's obvious that he's pretty good at both disciplines... For the money you get a lot of features and an especially friendly interface, perfect for newcomers to navigation software. I can se how TIKI has become a favorite low-cost navigation solution for many loyal users." Tony Bessinger


"U.S. market newcomer Tiki Navigator introduces an upgrade to its system that allows it to operate with the Automatic Identification System (AIS). If you haven't tried Tiki, it's well worth the effort because the price point is incredibly low and the interface relatively uncomplicated. "

Sailing Today, First Look:

"TIKI installed smoothly, found the GPS unhesitatingly then, hey presto, there was the boat on the chart. It couldn’t have been easier... A very handy floating window lists what will happen if you left or right click the mouse wherever it is currently pointing. There’s also an on line tutorial, but even without it you’ll soon find how to do things." Colin Jarman


"Tiki Navigator is slowly gaining a devoted following, largely for its clean and attractive interface. Tiki only shows raster charts, but otherwise seems to have a lot of features... Tiki can also draw an AIS target predictor line based on ‘x’ minutes of speed/course, and it scales vessels if they’re sending dimensional info and if you’re zoomed in enough. Included in the demo file will is some charts of the Seattle area and a NMEA 0183 data file showing real AIS traffic." Ben Ellison

Yachting World:

"TIKI proved to be intuitive to use and much less cluttered than equivalent Windows-format programs... My favourite feature is the basic system of chart control. A right click brings up a simple 9-button box that allows you to switch between charts scales, zoom in on the same chart or 'find ship'. Move away from the menu and it disappears to leave a clear screen. Neat." David Pugh

National Fisherman:

"TIKI Navigator is an electronic navigation software program that's just being introduced in US by a Norwegian sailor whose goal was to make PC navigation software that's easier to use. Tiki read MapTech raster charts, NDI and SoftCharts. The Navigator Pro displays three windows. You can track your trip and replay it later, and the software interfaces with autopilots and depth sounders."


"TIKI Navigator is one of the best navigation software we have tested. The chart handling, panning and zooming is a breeze, the help system is very good, and we really appreciate the large databoxes that can be read from a distance. Great on a sailboat where most people prefer to have their laptop downstairs."

(Norway's No 1 Motor Boat Magazine)

"Obviously TIKI Navigator is not programmed by a computer freak, but by an experienced sailor who knows what is essential for the leasure navigator - and who knows that most boaters don't want to read big manuals to learn how to use a program. This program is more intuitive and easier to use than any navigation software we have tested so far." Terje Boelstad