Don't mess with the GPS setup.
Leave it to Franson!

Setting up GpsGate for TIKI is done with 4 clicks 

Franson GpsGate Client is an award winning GPS utility program that has solved problems
for lots of GPS users. It has many advanced features, but if you simply want to use it as a GPS administrator for TIKI or another prpgram, you can use their free version.

GpsGate will find the GPS even if you do not know the port number or the baud rate. It will also find your Bluetooth GPS and the handhold Garmin GPS's that does not output NMEA data. And it makes setting up the GPS very easy.

1. When you start GpsGate, it wants to know what kind of GPS to look for.

2. GpsGate will search all ports - and let you know if it finds your GPS.

3. Now GpsGate wants to know what kind of output it should create.
Normally you want to check "I want to share my GPS between several appications"

4. Make a note of the 2 first Virtual COM numbers that has been created
(in this example 2 and 3). You must use one of these numbers in TIKI's setup panel.

GpsGate is running!
It runs in the background and will continue to do so - even if you reboot Windows

Start TIKI

If you have a licensed version of TIKI Navionics Gold
click the GPS Setup button at the top of the screen. The GPS Setup panel is not accessible in the Free Trial.

If you have TIKI Navigator Pro
go to Main Menu/Help/and click 'Test your GPS' or 'GPS Help'.

The GPS Setup panel fills the screen.

The port number is by default set to 1.

Change it to one of the two
Virtual COM port numbers created by GpsGate (in this example 2 or 3).

Click the button
"Check selected port number".

That's all!

GpsGate is now receiving data from
the GPS on port 7 and forwarding the data to TIKI on port 3.


Good to know about GpsGate

GpsGate will place an icon in the icon tray at the bottom right corner of the Windows screen.

If the icon is GREEN,
GpsGate is receivig valid data from the GPS.

If it's YELLOW, the signal is too weak to get a position. This can happen e.g. if you are inside a house when you are testing the GPS.

If it's RED, GpsGate is not receiving signals from a GPS. Maybe your GPS is not connected - or you have not put it in the same USB port as before.

If you click on the icon, GpsGate popup menu appears. You will only need to use this if you for any reason want to change some settings, for instance if you get a new GPS - or if you want to use another USB port for your GPS.
If so, click on the icon and select 'Settings' in the popup menu - and run the Setup Wizard.

When you install GpsGate it works as a full version for 14 days.
After 14 days it will automatically convert to the free version with limited features.
While the full version can use any number of Virtual COM ports
the free version is limited to 2 virtual COM ports.
This is why I recommend that you select one of the first 2 ports for TIKI.