Check if your "old" Navionics Gold
or Platinum card can be copied to the
hard drive of your computer.

Did you buy the card in 2011 or later?
You can feel sure that your card can be copied to the hard drive for use in TIKI Navionics Gold 2.1.

Did you buy the card in 2009 or before?
Your card can unfortunately not be copied to the hard drive.
To use this card with TIKI Navionics Gold or any other program, you need an original Navionics Multicard Reader.

Did you buy the card in 2010?
Then you should check if it is compatible with Navionics new system.
You can do this easily with TIKI Navionics Gold 2.1 free trial. TIKI will automatically tell you if it can be copied or not.

You can however also check the card with Windows Explorer:
Cards that works with Navionics new system, contains a hidden file named nTag.text. The file is HIDDEN so that it cannot be accidently deleted.

To see if this file is on your card you must temporarily change your Windows settings to "Show hidden files and folders".

Insert the card into a card reader. If you have a SD card, you can use the SD reader on your computer. If you have a Compact Flash card, you need a CF reader or a multicard reader.

Open the card in Windows Explorer.

If you see the
nTag text file,  your card can be copied to the hard drive!

You should not open the nTag file.
You must also not try to copy the card to the hard drive manually.
This will not work.
Leave the copying to TIKI.